Amethyst Gemstone - Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library

Hi everyone, we are here once again. We at Dashrath International bring several kinds of natural gemstones in both calibrated and non-calibrated shapes along with various sizes and cuts.

Today we are sharing some useful details of Amethyst gemstone. Amethyst is one of the most famous gemstones of the World. It belongs to quartz family. Hardness of the Amethyst is around 7, hence it is very easy to cut this gemstone in any shape or size. The natural color of Amethyst is from pale to dark purple, but it changes the color from purple to white at 250 degree heat and at 500 degree heat it changes to pale yellow color gemstone Citrine. 

One of the most important facts about Amethyst is that – it can’t be dyed as quartz can’t be dyed. Amethyst mainly comes from Brazil, but it can also be found in Uruguay, Bolivia and Africa. The best color (i.e. the dark color) of this gemstone comes from Africa.

Amethyst is used to fight against the darkness. It also supposed to be beneficial for houses. Peopl…

Rhodolite Gemstone - Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library

Hi friends, today we are sharing some useful information about Rhodolite.  Rhodolite is a garnet family stone. It usually comes in Red-Purple and Pink-Purple colors. Name Rhodolite of this gemstone comes from a Greek word Rhodon which means rose color.

The hardness of Rhodolite is 6.5 to 7.5 and the special gravity is from 3.5 to 4.3. It is a cubic structure stone and can be identified by Nano-dynamic magnets. As the garnet family stones contain iron, they can easily be identified by these magnets.

Rhodolite usually can be found in Brazil, China, Burma, Kenya, Madagascar, Africa, Tanzania and India. Due to its hardness index, it can easily be cut in any shape and size.

Rhodolite gemstone improves self-confidence. It also gives the feeling of security and stability. There are some mines in the World, of which this Rhodolite gemstone can be turned in to Hessonite after heating the Rhodolite gemstone at 600 deg.

If you need more information on Rhodolite gemstone or you want to buy it, just vi…

Onyx Gemstones - Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library

Hi friends, welcome to Dashrath International – your one stop destination for all your gemstone needs. Today we are writing about Onyx. 
There are many colors of Onyx gemstone like Black Onyx, Green Onyx, Orange Onyx, Blue Onyx and some other colors as well. Most of these Onyx gemstones are dyed.  

Basically Onyx is the variety of Chalcedony family and it comes in bends. The hardness of Onyx is 6.5 to 7, so it is a very durable stone and can be cut very easily. You can find it in big sizes majorly because the raw material comes in very big size.
When we cut this stone, firstly we cut it in slices to remove the bends and then the slices can easily be dyed. Hence the height of the stone is not much. The biggest size (height) in currently available market is around 10 mm. The special gravity of onyx is 2.55 to 2.7. Most famous variants of onyx are Black Onyx, Green Onyx and Red Onyx. Black Onyx helps to develop emotional and physical strength & stamina.
If you need more information on On…

Dendritic Agate Gemstones - Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library

Hi friends, welcome to gemstone learning library of Dashrath International. Currently we are supplying more than 100 natural gemstones, so if you want to know about these gemstones, just let us know.

Today we are writing about Dendritic Agate gemstones. As the name shows, these are the stones on which you can see some Dendrite – the plant or tree structures. When people see these gemstones, they usually assume it to be the organic gemstones because of the plant or tree structures but Dendritic Agate is a modern gemstone and the inclusions on it are of Iron & Magnesium.

Dendritic Agate is mostly an Opaque gemstone but also comes as Translucent. It is found in India (especially Rajasthan) and Madagascar. It is a very beautiful stone and every piece of Dendritic Agate is different from another. To see the actual beauty of this gemstone, please buy it in bigger sizes than 8x10, because in smaller sizes, the Dendrites don’t look so good.

The hardness of Dendritic Agate is 6.5 to 7 and the…

Natural Brown Zircon - Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library

Brown Zircon is a Nano silicate family stone. Its chemical composition is zirconium silicate. Hardness of Brown Zircon is 7 to 7.5 and the special gravity is 3.94 to 4.73. Reflective index of Brown Zircon is 1.81 to 1.93.

The above mentioned factors are to identify the actual & natural Brown Zircon. As whenever we hear the word Zircon, it seems like a synthetic stone; but all the Zircon are not synthetic gemstone. Basically Cubic zirconia is a synthetic stone but rest of the Zircon comes from nature. These Zircon stones come in many color, and out of which Brown Zircon is very famous.
People also use brown zircon as the natural substitute of brown diamond. Zircon was first found around 4.4 billion years ago in Australia but now it gets found at many places of the World like Burma, Madagascar, Some Places of Pakistan and Afghanistan etc.
Brown Zircon has a very good luster on it which makes it very popular in demand. As we all know that Zircon has the radio-active element in it, so wh…

Natural Blue Zircon - Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library

Hi everyone, welcome again to the Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library. Today, we are writing about Blue Zircon. Whenever anyone hears about Zircon, it seems like a synthetic stone or cubic zirconia. But it is not completely true. There are many stones which belong to zircon family and they are natural gemstones.

These gemstones come in different colors like brown, red, orange, white, gray, purple, black and many more. Zircon belongs to nano silicate family. Its hardness is around 7 to 7.5 and the reflective index is 1.93 to 2.01. There is a big lustre in this stone. Due to its hardness index, it’s a very hard stone and very easy to cut as well. The special gravity of zircon is 3.73 to 4.73.

Natural zircon comes from several regions of the world like Africa, Madagascar, Burma, Sri Lanka and some other places as well. Few of the brown zircon turns into blue zircon when you apply heat (of around 1200 deg. cel.) on them. It is a radio-active stone so whenever you apply heat ont…

Natural Apatite Gemstone - Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library

Today, we are writing about Apatite gemstone. Apatite is a very rare stone when it comes for its clean quality. Apatite gemstones come in bulk but the clean apatite is very rare. If you can find any piece of Apatite with more than 1 carat size & clean quality, it is worth collecting as it could be a good investment for your future as well.

Apatite comes in green, light green, deep green, yellow, purple, sky blue or deep blue colors. In earlier times, there was some confusion about this gemstone, like what is this stone because it was quite similar to some other stones. Due to this confusion, Apatite gemstone’s name came from ‘Apatow’ – a Greek word, which means mistake.

The hardness of Apatite is around 5, so it is very soft. The special gravity of this stone is 3.1 to 3.2. It’s found in India and Madagascar. Neon and green quality of Apatite comes from Madagascar. 

Apatite is used for better learning and inspiration. It is also used to overcome the fear because of its fire element. …