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Hi everyone, welcome again to the Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library. Today, we are writing about Blue Zircon. Whenever anyone hears about Zircon, it seems like a synthetic stone or cubic zirconia. But it is not completely true. There are many stones which belong to zircon family and they are natural gemstones.

These gemstones come in different colors like brown, red, orange, white, gray, purple, black and many more. Zircon belongs to nano silicate family. Its hardness is around 7 to 7.5 and the reflective index is 1.93 to 2.01. There is a big lustre in this stone. Due to its hardness index, it’s a very hard stone and very easy to cut as well. The special gravity of zircon is 3.73 to 4.73.

Natural zircon comes from several regions of the world like Africa, Madagascar, Burma, Sri Lanka and some other places as well. Few of the brown zircon turns into blue zircon when you apply heat (of around 1200 deg. cel.) on them. It is a radio-active stone so whenever you apply heat ont…

Natural Apatite Gemstone - Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library

Today, we are writing about Apatite gemstone. Apatite is a very rare stone when it comes for its clean quality. Apatite gemstones come in bulk but the clean apatite is very rare. If you can find any piece of Apatite with more than 1 carat size & clean quality, it is worth collecting as it could be a good investment for your future as well.

Apatite comes in green, light green, deep green, yellow, purple, sky blue or deep blue colors. In earlier times, there was some confusion about this gemstone, like what is this stone because it was quite similar to some other stones. Due to this confusion, Apatite gemstone’s name came from ‘Apatow’ – a Greek word, which means mistake.

The hardness of Apatite is around 5, so it is very soft. The special gravity of this stone is 3.1 to 3.2. It’s found in India and Madagascar. Neon and green quality of Apatite comes from Madagascar. 

Apatite is used for better learning and inspiration. It is also used to overcome the fear because of its fire element. …

Boulder Opal Gemstones - Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library

Today we are taking about Boulder Opal. It is also known as Australian Boulder Opal, because it can be found in Australia only. Australia is the only source in the world, where you can find Boulder Opal.

It usually comes in deep colors like deep blue and deep green with some kind of texture on it. Boulder Opal is the 2nd highest priced opal in the world after black opal. It is also the most precious and most durable opal.

It comes from the veins of Iron stones after that it gets cut through its mother stone which is iron stone. Boulder opal is durable gemstone because there are two layers in it. One layer on the back side is of Iron and on the front side; a very thin layer of opal makes it complete boulder opal gemstone.

The hardness of Boulder opal is 5.5 to 6.5, but due to iron part, its hardness goes very high. Hence it is very easy to set boulder opal in any shape or size. 

In the market, mostly you’ll find the free sized boulder opal but at Dashrath International, you can find calibr…

Citrine Gemstones - Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library

Today we are writing about Citrine gemstone. Citrine is a quartz family stone. The word Citrine came from Latin word ‘Citrina’, which means Yellow. It comes from Pale Yellow to Golden Yellow, Deep Yellow and Brown color. There is very big range of colors of Citrine gemstone. 

Citrine comes in both treated and natural manners. The most important thing to make a note of is that Citrine gets found along with Amethyst. Wherever you can find Amethyst, you can find Citrine as well. Amethyst turns into Citrine by Heat. The heat treatment is done at a low temperature so there is no difference between a natural Citrine and treated one.

Hardness of Citrine is 7 and the special gravity is 2.6 to 2.7. Citrine gets found in Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, France, India and Madagascar. This gemstone is also known as ‘Marchant Stone’ or ‘Money Stone’.

Citrine is a symbol of Prosperity and it is used to promote mostly. It removes negative energy and also beneficial in stomach problem. Citrine is a birth stone…

Ametrine Gemstones - Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library

Hi everyone, today we are bringing some useful information about Ametrine gemstones. As the name shows, Ametrine is the mixture of Amethyst and Citrine gemstones. It is a bi-color quartz. If you can see parts of both Amethyst and Citrine in a single gemstone, then that is Ametrine. 

It is very easy to cut & set Ametrine gemstone in any shape & size. Normally Ametrine comes in 8 mm or more big sizes, so that both Amethyst and Citrine colors get easily visible on it. Normally in market, Octagon shape Ametrine gemstones are available, because in any other shape like oval or round, the beauty of Ametrine gemstone fades.

Ametrine is a durable gemstone and also popular as the gift of 6th, 13th and 33rd anniversary. It is the birthstone of February and November. Ametrine is also used to remove the stress and tension.

If you want to have any other information about Ametrine gemstone or you want to buy it, just reach Dashrath International at

Fire Opal Gemstone - Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library

Hi friends, we are here once again. Today we are talking about Fire Opal. Fire Opal is a very famous gemstone. The name of this gemstone is given upon its color. It comes in dark orange or red color which resembles the fire color.

Fire Opal is a very soft stone; its hardness is around 5.5 to 6 and sometimes even lesser than this. Hence it is very hard to cut and set this gemstone in any shape & size. The special gravity of this stone is 1.97 to 2.2. Fire Opal contains water. The proportion of the water is around 3% to 20% in this gemstone. Due to this water feature, fire opal is a very delicate stone to handle.

When the Jewelry-makers want to set fire opal, they do not heat it, as if they heat it, the water contain can be burnt out. Fire Opal is a transparent gemstone and a very expensive gemstone as well. Fire Opal comes from Brazil and Mexico. The Mexican quality of Fire Opal is transparent and very expensive too. The Brazilian Fire Opal is a bit translucent and even the color is …

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone - Dashrath International Gemstone Learning Library

Hi Friends, Dashrath International gemstone learning library brings some of the very useful information about the natural gemstones. This information is based on our experience which we got after being for more than 20 years in the gemstones industry.

Today we are talking about Lapiz Lazuli which is also famous as Lapis. It is a deep blue color opaque stone with some golden spot on it. The golden spots are from golden pyrite. If the pyrite content in the gemstone is less, it looks very good, but if the pyrite content is on the higher side in this gemstone, then it becomes very difficult to polish the stone as the Lapis is very soft. The hardness of the lapis is 5 to 5.5 whereas the hardness of the pyrite is very high. The special gravity of Lapis Lazuli is 2.4 to 2.5. Whenever Lapis Lazuli gets stored, it is stored in oil due to its softness. Some people also use wax for this purpose as well.

The raw material of the lapis lazuli comes in big sizes only. It is very difficult to find smal…